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Making Outdoor Furniture For The Dollhouse

Dollhouse Apr 13, 2023

The girls have been loving their dollhouse so much, but Frankie recently asked me where the little rabbits could sit on the front porch. We spend a lot of time on our own deck so it makes a lot of sense that she feels like the house is missing some crucial pieces!

So, I decided to make outdoor dollhouse furniture with my Bosch Gluey Pen! You were all so interested in this little tool while I was building the furniture for Frankie’s dollhouse and if I’m being honest, it was a game changer for these finicky little pieces.

What is the Gluey Pen?

The Gluey Pen is a cordless glue pen that Is seriously precise – with a pen grip hold and a smaller nozzle, it’s so much better than traditional glue guns.  I found it so incredibly useful for attaching the vines all over the dollhouse!

Materials You’ll Need to make outdoor dollhouse furniture:

How To Make Outdoor dollhouse furniture with my gluey pen!


I started out by creating a template for the frame of the chair. I did this by finding measurements online of a similar chair and dividing those by 12. I then mapped out the measurements and shape onto a piece of paper. Once I was happy with the shape, I shaped my florist wire following the template.


I then glued the wire pieces together using my Gluey Pen (and I also added a small circle of tape around the join to keep it straight) and spray painted the frame with white spray paint and let it dry. 



While the frame was drying I decided to start on the pattern for the fabric. I used a piece of painters tape, taping it sticky side down onto a cutting mat and then using a metal ruler and a stanley knife I cut long thin strips from the piece of tape. I then transferred these strips to the ribbon and used a paint brush to gently dab paint onto the ribbon. Dabbing it helped to keep the paint from seeping through the tape.


I then peeled the tape back to reveal the striped grosgrain ribbon!



Once the paint was dry I draped the ribbon across the chair frame and secured it with the gluey pen. It was that easy!

Like what you see? Or just want to save it for later?

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This project is in collaboration with BOSCH. You can buy the Gluey Pen at here and here.

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