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A Quick DIY Safari Chair Update

Home DIY May 1, 2018

DIY Safari Chair

If you’re looking for a quick decor update, you’ve come to the right place.

Sometimes what a space needs, surprisingly, is a great accent chair. But after doing a bit of looking around online, I’ve found that really stand out ones can cost a pretty penny Which is why you’d be mad not to update/upcycle something you already have to give it a starring role in your decor. Upholstering can be hard, so we’ve got an alternative for you… Updating a fold out safari chair with your favourite fabric.

The chair we used is the SIARÖ Director’s Chair from IKEA.


We decided to paint the chair white, using acrylic paint. 

Remove all the fabric pieces before doing so, and let it dry.



The folding chair we used had fabric pieces that could be easily removed, so we used these pieces to copy the pattern onto our desired fabric.


Copy and trace the pattern pieces onto your fabric, then leave seam allowance and cut.

If you choose not to undo the seams and folds on the original pieces, remember to add them during the drafting process.


Fold the seam allowances in and sew.

Then fold and sew the slotting tunnels like in the original fabric pieces.


The chair we bought has slots on the side for securing the seating fabric.


Pick apart the seams on the tunnel of the original seating fabric and remove the plastic sticks inside.  You'll need to insert these sticks into the new fabric in order to install the new fabric seating. 


Like what you see? Or just want to save it for later?

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Let us know your thoughts!

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