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Arched Interiors: Yay or Nay?

Renovating Apr 27, 2018

Arched Interiors

Hey guys! I’ve missed sharing my inspiration here, if you’ll remember at the start of this blog it was basically all I did! So today, I would love to hear your thoughts on arched interiors!

Over time we’ve moved towards more and more original content, but I thought with the renovation project happening it would be really fun to share more of the BTS, or rather the IMB (in my brain), for this project… I’ve really enjoyed getting your opinion on various elements of the house, and hearing your thoughts and what you would do. It turns out so many of you have renovated or a tres design savvy, so it would be stupid not to tap into that for my own personal gain (muhaha).

Arched Interiors: Yar or Nay?

First up, arched details. Arches of all types are something that I have loved for so so long, so when the chance to create our own design came up I obviously immediately referred back to my overflowing Pinterest boards that are full to the brim with arches. As you can see there are so many different ways to use arches, and although they have traditionally been used for doorways they can be seen across the board in nooks, mirrors and cabinetry. The challenge we for our renovation is that our cottage is a traditional Australian style, and therefore not something that would usually have arches. Cue chin scratch.



Yay or nay on the arched details? Would you have them at your house? Or perhaps you think they urgent iteration in design is already overdone (that’s Ben’s feeling – he’s always an early adopter and thus early rejector. And I agree I’m seeing them everywhere but I don’t mind that…).  I personally love them but I do recognise that they probably don’t suit all architectural styles…  If we did use some sort of arch I’m thinking we could perhaps go with a more subtle arch, using paint or something like that… I’ve actually stumbled upon one little solution that I like, will be sharing more soon!

Images from: Arch Daily, Arch Idea, Clsarchetti, Cargo Collective, Katherine Carter, The Design Chaser, Tracey Anton Photography, Style Files.

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