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DIY Jeweled Earrings

DIY Fashion Aug 14, 2012

This coming season jeweled embellishments will be everywhere – in the form of necklaces, dresses, on bags and just about everything else. I’ve always had thing for sparkly rhinestone earrings – they add pop to a simple outfit or complete an over the top one perfectly. To make these earrings I used two inexpensive sparkly broaches I found in a dollar store, cheap and cheerful. I also wanted to show you some pics of the outfit I wore to my floral themed birthday lunch a few weeks ago – the earrings topped of this floral suit perfectly!

Wearing: DIY Jeweled Earrings, Sabo Skirt floral short suit, Zara heels, H&M tshirt

You need:
– Two matching broaches (found in the jewelry section of a dollar store)
– 2 sets of earrings backs (clip on or stud depending on your preference)
– E6000 glue
– Beading plyers and wire snips (or get a jewelry making toolkit from here)
– Metal file (optional)

How to:
1. Using the plyers and the wire snips, remove the clip at the back of your broach.

2. File down the back if required so it is smooth.

3. Decide where you want your earrings back to sit and then dab some glue onto the back of the broach.

4. Press the earrings backs onto the glue.

5. Leave to dry overnight.


Wearing: DIY Jeweled Earrings, Sabo Skirt floral short suit, Zara heels, H&M tshirt

Thanks once again to my friend Jess for the photos.

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