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DIY Gold Chevron Rings

DIY Fashion Sep 28, 2012

When I was at New York Fashion Week I saw a girl wearing rings like these, we were waiting in line for Mara Hoffman and I wanted to ask her where she got them but didn’t – such a shame. In an effort to recreate her style I decided to craft some of my own!
You need:
– Thin gold wire (mine was 0.6mm)
– Wire cutters


1. Cut a small length of wire.
2. Fold it in half.
3. Use the plyers to press it together to create a point.
4. Carefully open the wire.
5. Fold the wire around your finger.
6. Press down the front of the ring onto the table (this is important to get the shape right) and fold the wire together at the back.
7. Cut the wire shorter, but leave enough to twist the ends together.
8. Start to twist the ends together.
9. Finish the twist with the round nose plyers.
You ring should look like this! Now make some more to stack together to create the chevron shape, and wear them on lots of fingers!

Thanks to the girl who inspired me – whoever you are!
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