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DIY Caviar Inspired cap toe Heels

DIY Fashion Oct 16, 2012

In recognition Breast Cancer Awareness month, I recently customised a pair of classic Nine West black pumps as part of the Fashion Target Breast Cancer charity ebay auction. Before I even got my hands on the shoes I knew what I wanted to do with them – give them a caviar manicure inspired cap toe! Not sure what that is? See my inspiration here (and be sure to follow me on pinterest where you’ll see all my ideas and inspirations taking shape).

You need:
– A pair of pumps (these Nine West ones are the perfect shape)
– Seed beads in the color of your choice, I used a silvery black.
– Super glue like E6000
– A sponge brush
– Spray on gloss sealant (in the spraypaint section of your hardware store)
– Masking or other tape

How to:
1. Start by taping off the front of the heels to create a cap toe. Then put some glue on the front of the shoe.

2. Use the sponge brush to spread the blue all over the front of the cap toe.

3. Sprinkle the seed beads over the glue. One it is covered, sprinkle more and then use your fingers to press the beads into the glue firmly so the cap toe is completely covered in beads and you can no longer see the leather.

4. Once the glue has set a bit, carefully peel the tape back. Carefully then press more beads ionto the edge of the glue so the cap toe has a strong straight line of beads along the edge.

5. Let the beads dry overnight and then spray with gloss sealant to minimise any beads coming loose with wear.

Feel like supporting a good cause as well as getting your hands on these heels customised by your truly (or a new Fiat?)? Make sure you run (don’t walk) over to the auctions page and start bidding! Proceeds raised go to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, so hop to it!  Good luck and thank you for your support.


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