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DIY Evergreen Bunting

DIY Projects Dec 20, 2012

Ok so I have to admit I’m not one to cover the house in swathes of Christmas decorations, preferring a more relaxed approach to festive home ideas. So when I saw this picture recently I knew it was perfect for me, and anyone else who prefers a last minute casual and minimalist approach to decorations. The best thing about this project? That you can make it using any plant you have in your garden, and no doubt you have string and tape at home. Easiest project ever!
For this project you need:
– A branch of evergreen or really any plant you have. Pick your plant depending on where you live in the world, wattle or eucalyptus would look just as nice!
– Some babys breath or any other flower you want to add
– Cotton twine
– Scissors (or floral snippers if you have them)
– masking tape and celotape
1. Start by cutting the foliage into small pieces.
2. Cut a big pile.

3. Then cut up your babysbreath.
4. Take some tape and start taping little bunches together.

5. Do this until you have created lots of little bunches.

6. Cut a length of twine to to match the length of the bunting you want. I did 1.5m.

7. To attach, tie little knots and insert the end of the bunch of foliage and then pull tight.

8. Do this to all the bunches.

It’s messy but fun!

Stick to the wall, over your mantle piece of wherever you want using masking tape. Mine has dried a bit since I first made it but still looks pretty.

Tags Christmas

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