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Before & After: DIY Lace Dress

DIY Fashion Mar 11, 2013

I’ve yearned for a statement lace piece by Lover ever since they first hit stores, and so when I spotted a few wisps of lace at my local thrift store (albeit attached to a seriously hideous dress) I knew it was time for another before & after transformation. In its former lifetime this dress was probably more suited as a widowed sister wife funeral outfit, or perhaps was owned by the dowdy wife of a deceased Italian mobster, but with a little bit of time and elbow grease, it was possible to turn it into something truly special. For this project I stuck with my time tested before & after approach of 1. change hemline and 2. alter waistline – makes all the difference in under ten minutes flat!

Perfectly simple date night outfit of DIY lace dress, Tony Bianco Heels, Coach watch and MAC Lipstick

You need:

  • A simple lace dress
  • Scissors
  • Needle and threads
  • A seam ripper (quick unpick)

or buy a sewing kit here.

How to: 1. I started by changing the length of the dress – a must when you are dealing with a not-so-flattering ‘before’ piece like this. To get the right length I laid out a skirt onto the dress, matching the waistbands and then cutting horizontally below the edge of the skirt – making sure to leave enough for a hem. I then sewed the hem over using a sewing machine (although you can do by hand if you don’t have one). 2. I then attacked the bodice of the dress. The black silk lining was hiding the gorgeous and intricate detail of the lace, and so I used my quick unpick to carefully remove it, detaching it from the neckline and the waist. 3. I also carefully removed the stitches attaching the lining to the zipper at the back. 4. I also got rid of the casing that was attached to the neckline. 5. And sewed the neckline down by hand. 6. I then made alterations to the fit of the dress. To do this I simple turned the garment inside out and pinned then sewed darts into the back so it fitted snugly to my body. Voila! I can’t explain how satisfying it is to see something which immediately makes you think ‘ick’, only to take it home and turn it into the perfect date night ensemble.


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