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DIY Fox Eye Mask

DIY Fashion Apr 6, 2013

Just in time for my flight out to Sydney for Fashion week, I bring you the cutest in-flight eye mask ever! I recently had the pleasure of stumbling across a label called Foxshop, a store that sells handmade floral fox masks, perfect fare for a hipster mascarade party, don’t you think? I got chatting with Lucille the designer and she offered to share with us an exclusive tutorial to make a fox inspired eye mask as part of my ongoing series – perfect for getting a good night’s rest and looking your best while you’re at it.

If you’ve never worn an eye mask to bed you honestly don’t know what you’re missing. So much more than just something your grandma would do, sleeping with an eye mask is like drawing the blackout blinds at the Waldorf Astoria without having to max out your credit card – luxury hotel quality sleep without the investment. For those insomniacs out there – wearing an eye mask has actually helped me to go to sleep by keeping my eyelids closed – winning!

 You need :

  • 2 pieces of fabric
  • 1 piece of duffle (it’s not required but it will be more confortable with it)
  • a little elastic – 25 cm
  • a piece of white lightweight felt
  • a sewing kit
  • a little piece of wool
  • the pattern printed

1. Use this pattern to trace the outline of the mask onto the fabric and then order your fabric carefully with the lining fabric, then top fabric (right side towards you) and finally back fabric (right side towards you).

2. Sew all around using small stitches except between the ears as shown below.

3. Cut the shape out.

4. Turn the mask inside out through the hole left in between the ears and then iron flat.

5. Sew the hole shut.

6. To make the elastic for the back of the head, cut a piece of fabric around 6cmx55cm and then iron both sides in with an edge of 0.5cm. Fold in ha;f and sew the edges down. One you have done that,  use a safety pin to insert the elastic.

7. Sew the strap to the sides of the back of the mask.

8. Finally, decorate using felt and wool to create your fox face.


Thanks for the tutorial Lucille! Make sure to stop by her store and peek at her wares. And have a go at making your own – at the very least it’s sure to become an essential part of your carry on for long haul flights (along with ear plugs, paw paw ointment, a giant bottle of water and grey marl head to toe sweats – I call it dressing like a koala).

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