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DIY Chain Earrings

DIY Fashion May 9, 2013

Ever since Celine introduced me to their oversized version of the ID necklace, I’ve been drawn to flat, heavy looking curb chain. Naturally my first thought was to wear it around my neck, and then I decided that my ears were as perfect place as any to adorn with a bit of chain action. I whipped up these simple chain earring in the space of a few hours and thought I would share them with you – I like how the finished product add a touch of luxe grunge look to a simple outfit.

You need:

    • Two small pieces of light curb chain
    • Flat fronted stud earring fixtures
    • Earrings backs
    • Beading plyers
    • Cutting plyers or very sharp scissors (optional)
    • E6000 glue
    • A skewer

1. First check how the earring fixture is going to sit on the chain, if you need to, use some chain cutters or very shape scissors to trim the back so it is less round and will lie flat again the chain without being too obvious from the front side.

2. Put a dollop of glue on a folded up piece of paper.

3. Add some glue to the earring front.

4. Press the fixture onto one of the top edges of the chain, making sure to place it in a way that the chain will hang down straight once the earrings are on.

5. Leave to dry overnight.

Ta da! I’ve worn these twice all night and haven’t had any trouble with them, look for light chain if you are worried about weight on the glue.

Photographs thanks by the lovely Lauren Engel – we’ve got some fun collabs planned for you!

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