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DIY Graphic Word tee

DIY Fashion Jul 24, 2013

Rather than dying a slow death like most trends do after a couple of months, the graphic word tee appears to have long term staying power. And so without further ado, I bring you the handmade version. Pretty simple (I questioned even posting the steps lest you all go ‘duuurrrrr genevaaaa’) and something I made a little while ago, it’s definitely the trend of the summer. Given we have a month and a bit left of summer I thought why not? To go on my shirt I chose something fun  – merde being my favourite french word (literally meeting sh*t), with hundreds of different figurative meanings depending on how it’s said. I used to live with a French guy in London and as long as he had ‘merde’  he barely needed anything else. I was also on the metro in Paris once and heard a 6 year old say it and nobody batted an eyelid – love France!

You need:

  • A t-shirt (this one’s J Crew but they are sold out – this one would also work)
  • Iron on letters (these are from Michaels)
  • Scissors
  • An iron
  • A piece of cotton

How to:

1. Cut out your letters.

2. Lay the letters down plastic side up on the t-shirt and play around with your placement.

3. Put the tee with letters in place on the ironing board and cover with the cotton.

4. Iron the word on a low heat setting.

5. Once you have done that for a few minutes, turn the tee inside out and iron the other side of the letters too so the glue sets really well.

6. Remove the letters by pulling the edges of the plastic.

And there you have it. Merde c’est tellement facile! (sh*t that’s so easy!)

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