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DIY Chain Strap Watch

DIY Fashion Nov 28, 2013

Combining two of my favourite things, a way to know how long it is until lunch and gold fishtail chain, to me this is the ultimate in functional and aesthetical DIYs. Read on to see how to make your own!

For this project you can actually use any chain you like, a mix of different chains even (although like to stick to the same palette but that’s just me). I chose fishtail because I love the look of it but feel free to be imaginative!

You need:

  • enough fishtail chain to go around your wrist roughly four times, for me that was about 1 metre (40 inches).
  • an old watch
  • beading plyers
  • jump rings
  • lobster clasps

How to:

1. Use your plyers to take the watch straps off.

2. Take the pins out of the straps.

3. Put them back on the watch the add 4 jump rings to the pins.

4. Cut the fishtail chain into 4 equal pieces and two ends to the jump rings on one side.

5. Do the same on the other side.

6. Add lobster clasps to the other end and wrap around your wrist to put on. Done!

First and last images by Sabrina Sikora

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