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DIY Embellished Party Heels

DIY Fashion Dec 28, 2013

I hope you’ve all had a blissful holiday season, awash with family, friends and boozy boardgames. I’m currently writing from the back deck of my parent’s rickety beach shack in Brunswick Heads, just north of Byron Bay in Australia, with a wet sandy dog at my feet and sketchy internet at my fingertips. I have to say I feel pretty lucky to spend a few weeks here with family and friends, relaxing, recharging and enjoying some quiet time before 2014 kicks off. Usually we’re too disorganised to plan our holidays and in advance which then precludes us from flying home last minute, but oh joy we got out act together this year. Yet another point for being more strategic in life (one of my main New Year’s resolutions for 2014… ha).

Christmas Day was the usual ‘Down Under’ affair, for anyone who isn’t familiar it usually goes something like this: prawns, cricket on the beach and the world’s biggest pavlova – oh and don’t forget family games of Taboo or Boggle that end in all out family warfare. A beach Christmas just sound odd to anyone in the Northern Hemisphere, but having grown up like that I’m confused by the concept of a white christmas (utterly). The next few weeks are going to be a mash up of walking, swimming, reading with, of course, a daily homage paid to the supremacy of Australian breakfasts and a brief foray into feeding our ears at Falls Festival. Just in case you’re wondering, I’ve got a bunch of DIY projects in the works while I’m here. Craft is, after all, a very worthy form of meditation.

In the meantime, in the event that you’re on the lookout for something fun to wear on your feet to usher in the new year, now’s a great time to get a little crafty. I had a pair of thrifted heels lying around the house and recently decided to add a bit of sparkle to them. One of the more simple DIYs you’ll do, so perfect for passing a few minutes between holiday meals!

You need:
A pair of heels
A Skewer

How to:
1. First decide the pattern of the rhinestones.

2. Using the skewer, apply some glue to the underside of the stones. Make sure you’re n a well ventilated space when you do this. Let the glue set for a few minutes.

3. Press the stones onto the heels and let dry overnight.


Outfit photos: Sabrina Sikora

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