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DIY Jeweled Holiday Rope Necklace

DIY Fashion Dec 16, 2013

I have to admit that at the beginning of December something clicked and since then I’ve been unashamedly donning as much sparkle as possible. This magpie style penchant for all the pretty pretties seems to be an inclination that strikes like clockwork, as soon as the holiday period comes around. If you can’t cover yourself in glue and roll in glitter before you go out at this time of year, when can you? Recently Swarovski and I got together to work on a holiday accessory using their new Swarovski Elements beads, and it was the perfect timing – their new beads are about as sparkly as one can get without being dangerous, and so I set about creating something to wear on Christmas Day. The result was this necklace, shiny and bright in more ways than one, and just as perfect for wearing with a simple sweater as with a top-to-toe sequin dress.

You need:

  • a few assorted Swarovski Elements beads
  • thick black rope
  • think gold and black rope
  • gold and black paillettes
  • a needle and thread
  • two end caps the size of the black rope
  • a lobster clasp and some jump rings
  • super glue

1. Start by preparing the base rope by adding the end caps. To do this, put a dollop of glue into the bottom of the caps.

2. Press onto the rope and leave to dry overnight.

3. Cut a small section of gold rope and then start to sew your black paillettes on.

4. Sew them across the front of the rope.

5. Add a few gold paillettes to create a statement section.

6. Add the beads into the centre of the gold paillettes.

7. Secure the gold rope to the black base rope by wrapping the ends with thread and tying in a knot.

8. Then stitch the two ropes together at along the back.


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