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DIY Chain Boots

DIY Fashion Jan 14, 2014

Carrying on from my mention of chained boots yesterday, there’s nothing better than a quick and simple update to your favourite wardrobe staple to change its look entirely and double the wearability. These removable boot straps were so simple to make and looked perfect worn with a pair of black ankle boots.


1. A pair of boots
2. Silver Curb Chain
3. Super glue
4. A needle and thread
5. Leather or pvc for the back straps (I used an old bag strap I found in a thrift store)

1. Measure and cut your chain so it is long enough to encircle the front of the boot.

2. Cut the back strap to size and then add some glue to each end.

3. Press the chains to the top of each leather strap and leave them to dry overnight.

4. Use the needle and thread to reinforce the chain onto the strap.

5. To wear, slip the chain harnesses over each boot before you put them on.


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