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How to: Macrame Dreamer

Creative People Feb 11, 2014

Every DIY-er’s dream

I’ve been a big fan of Ouchflower for some time now, ever since I discovered Pippa’s tasseled pieces on pinterest and tracked down her website. I was immediately taken with the bright colours and intricate knots, her dipped rope tassels and spiralled macrame had me immediately dreaming of beach shacks and long laid back days.

For me, designs like these are so much more than simply craft, they’re pieces of artwork. Every DIYers dream – to have craft that belongs in a gallery! A little while ago Pippa offered to show me how she creates her beautiful macrame dreamers, and you know I jumped at the chance to see her at work.


Using a 40mm ring, I larks head knot the twine onto the ring and then create the spiral know work using a half knot twist.


I spiral out all the way until I am ready to add the next 175mm ring.


More twine is then larks headed all the way around on the 175mm ring (making it look like a very attractive sea creature), at this point there is a lot of twine to wrangle!



The final 420mm ring is attached and now some serious macrame knots can happen.


Like what you see? Or just want to save it for later?

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See, I told you she was a bonafide artist. After seeing these beautiful designs I feel like I need to go to knotting school! Put that on my craft bucket list.

Make sure you check back in with Pippa’s store for her new products.

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