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DIY Hanging Mirror

Home DIY Jun 19, 2014

So the studio is starting to feel more and more like a tiki bar, think palm trees, woven straw baskets and a cool afternoon breeze (from the overworked air conditioner), and I couldn’t be happier. I was recently pondering something fun I could do with a mirror in the workshop space for makeup touch ups and selfies (but not really) and decided to try my hand at a little amateur basketry. Well kinda sorta not quite. Read not to see how to make your own hanging mirror.

You need:

  • A flat drying basket
  • some rope
  • A mirror (this is one from IKEA which you will see I removed from its frame)
  • Liquid nails
  • a stanley knife

How to:

1. Because the IKEA mirror came in a pretty nasty looking frame, I first set about taking it out using the stanley knife to remove the glue from the frame. If you have a simple round mirror you can obviously skip this step.

(the leftover frame)

2. Following the instructions on the liquid nails, I carefully spread it onto the basket – I had to be careful about where it sat because my basket had a criss cross pattern – this is where a more closely woven basket would work well.

3. I let it dry for 3 days (which is agess!) because that’s what the tube said to do.

4. I then attached the rope by looping it through the basket at the top – if your basket has a closer weave I would make holes in it to do this.


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Tags Ikea Hack

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