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DIY Leather bow Bracelet

DIY Fashion Aug 20, 2014

Recently I’ve felt an urge to deck myself out in a few gold bows, maybe it’s a nod to the final golden hours of summer, or the fact that I’m off to Japan this weekend where bows are practically a uniform, but I can’t get enough of them. Recently I created this leather bow bracelet and couldn’t wait to share! Read on to see how.

When I made this I experimented with different techniques, the first time sewing and the second time gluing like you see below. I found that the finished product was much better with the glued version, but of course if you have a few leather skills you should definitely stitch this using a dart awl to puncture the leather.

You need:

    • a gold bow
    • a piece of leather
    • a ruler
    • scissors
    • a stud bead
    • a multi hole punch

How to:

1. Cut two pieces of leather around 1.5 cm (half inch) thick. The largest piece should fit around your wrist with some overlap, and the smaller one should be roughly half the size of the other piece.

2. Make holes for the stud beads (which will secure the leather on) at both ends.

2. Add the stud bead to one end.

3. Now, add glue to the ends of the shorter piece of leather on the right side of both ends.

4. Press the ends together onto the middle of the base piece of leather.

5. Add some glue to the middle of the loop of leather and then add the bow on top.

6. Put a piece of twine or string underneath the bows.

7. Carefully pull tight so the leather loop creates a bow and the metal bow is sitting in place. Let dry overnight and when dry remove the piece of twine.


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