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DIY Fresh Flower Crown

DIY Fashion Sep 18, 2014

Being the last minute throw-it-all-together person that I am, I usually create a Halloween costume out of whatever is lying on the floor. Last year was no exception – but this time with the help of some amazing fresh flowers I was about to create a pretty convincing Frida Kahlo outfit (just add floral dress, lots and lots of gold jewellery and monobrow!), with this oh-so-simple crown being the perfect centrepiece to an otherwise last minute ensemble. This year I’ve decided to to make sure I prepare better (clearly, given I’m already thinking about it!), but in the meantime I thought I would share with you the steps for creating your own fresh flower crown, a little accessory that’s as home at a Halloween party as it is at a baby shower, wedding or any other special occasion. Can’t go wrong with fresh flowers!

You need:

  • Some fresh flowers. We used carnations as they hold their shape but any would do, a big peony as the centre piece would be gorgeous.
  • Bobby pins
  • Scissors

How to:

1. Cut the flowers so they have a small amount of stalk left at the bottom.

2. Do this for all your flowers.

3. Attach them to the bobby pins by pushing them  between the prongs and down to the end.

4. Now, part your hair roughly down the middle, and then do two plaits. Once you have done that, pin those plaits to the front of your head like braids. A fancier option is to do a wrapped braid but I found this method quick and easy. Don’t worry if they fail to meet in the middle, you’ll be covering them in flowers anyway.

5. Starting from the middle and working your way out, pin the flower pins onto and along the plaits around your head. If you feel they are going to fall off, just add a few extra bobby pins at the end to steady them.



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