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Before & After: Little Black Studded Dress

DIY Fashion Mar 26, 2015

Little Black Studded Dress

If you’re lucky, tonight is date night. But what are you going to wear? If you’ve got half an hour, and an old dress lying in the back of your cupboard, you could try your hand at this (perfect date night) little black dress, complete with a studded neckline. If nothing else it could be the perfect conversation starter. Cue: “you made that? no way!”. Here’s hoping anyway.

Little Black Studded Dress

To embellish the neckline for this dress, we used these simple button studs because they’re nice and minimalist, but you could use any style of stud – right this way for lots of different types.

You need:

  • a simple black dress
  • some button studs
  • scissors
  • dart awl

How to:

1. The first thing we did to this dress was modify the length. First we marked off the new length we wanted, and cut to fit.

2. Fold, iron and then hand sew the hem.

3. Using a measuring tape, mark with chalk where you want to put the studs.

4. Using the dart awl, poke holes where marked.

5. Push the screws through from the underside.

6. Screw the stud tops on.

7. Do the same for the sleeves.

And voila. Happy date night!

Photos by Nicola Lemmon

Ps if you love DIY dresses, check out this one and this one. Oh btw, lots of fun before & afters on the way – since many of you mentioned in the survey that you loved to see the transformation process!

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