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DIY Off The Shoulder Top

DIY Fashion Apr 20, 2015

DIY Off The Shoulder Top

In episode two of ‘Geneva celebrates warmer weather by crafting something off the shoulder’ (perhaps a cumbersome title – probably not good for SEO), I bring you the off the shoulder top version two – this time in a lycra/jersey fabric for a fitted style (check out version 1 here) Perfect as either a bikini top, or some sort of beach to bar situation. For those of you who are living somewhere that’s either getting colder, or (sadly) failing to get warmer, perhaps we can look at this top as an ode to warmer weather, sort of like a rain dance equivalent for a hot summer day!

DIY Off The Shoulder Top

You need:

  • Stretchy fabric such as lycra or  thick jersey
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Measuring Tap
  • Sewing Machine

How to:

1. Measure around your bust to determine how much fabric you will need. Then measure from the top to the bottom of your bust, essentially how long you want the top to go down your waist. When cutting the fabric double the length measurement as the fabric will be two layers.

2. Fold your piece of fabric in half and pin it along the open edge

3. Sew along the open edge and cut any excess from the seam.

4. Turn your fabric inside out so the seam is on the inside.

6. Fold your fabric in half again and sew along the edge. Once you turn it the right way round, it should look like this – congrats, you made a boob tube!

7. To make the off the shoulder sleeves,  use the same process as above but use your arms as the measure.

8. Turn the seam inwards to face the edge of your top and sew them in place.


Photos by Nicola Lemmon

Love summer projects? Make sure you check out a DIY top here and a DIY dress here.

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