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Quick DIY: Hanging Photo Display

DIY Projects Aug 11, 2015

Hanging Photo Display

Like many of you, I take photos pretty much obsessively. But until recently, to visit my house you’d never know it. It’s so funny that there’s such a huge correlation between the increase in the amount I post on social media and a reduction in the number of photos I have on my walls. It makes sense through, in days gone by you were forced to print to see your pics, now you never have to. Anyway, as part of a new pledge to invest more time in my home decor, I’m going to be displaying more pics from holidays and the day to day. We recently made this photo display as a way to show lots of photos or postcards at the same time. Crazy easy to make!

Hanging Photo Display

You need:

  • String
  • Pegs
  • Base (We used a bamboo steamer but you can use a baking cooling rack or embroidery hoop, anything that you can attach string to)

1. Cut 4 pieces of sting at equal lengths. On the top side of the base, attach the 4 strings to four corners of the base.

2. Gather all the strings in the middle and tie a knot.

3.Cut some more string to the length you would like your photos to hang at and thread the string through the metal spring.

4. Attach the top section of the string to the base. Attach your pegs to your base so that the weight is distributed equally. Do this for all your pegs.

Display your favourite family portraits and holiday snaps!

Tags home interiors organisation

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