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How To: Easy Natural Wreath

DIY Fashion Dec 8, 2015

Easy Natural Wreath

There are certain crafts I’ve always wanted to try, but never had a chance. Ceramic making, fabric draping and glass blowing spring to mind, as does wreath making. The first three are definitely on my list for 2016, but for now I’m delving into the world of making my own natural holiday wreaths. With the help of my friend Gemma, I came to realise that a) they’re actually very easy and quick to do and b) it’s a very forgiving craft, meaning that you can add basically whatever you want to a circular base and it will look pretty good. Flowers and foliage are great like that! Try your local flower markets where produce for these sorts of projects will be cheaper. Ore you could do some foraging and get all the supplies in the wild you need including branches and leaves!

Easy Natural Wreath

Instead of buying a base or using floral oasis, we made our own, it was so easy so I definitely recommend doing it this way.

You need

  • 1 metre pieces of bendy branches
  • evergreen foliage
  • florists wire
  • scissors
  • flowers that dry nicely such as roses
  • ribbons

How to

1. The first thing you need to do is create the base for your wreath. Do this by wiring a few pieces of branch together into a longer more sturdy piece.

Once you’ve done that, curve the branches around into a circle and wire the circle together. Snip away any edges.

3. Add two pieces of evergreen at the base of the circle where the branches overlapped (this will hide them), with twiggy ends facing each other. Wire on a few more pieces of evergreen until you are happy with the thickness.

4. If you have flowers, wire those on too. We chose roses that will look lovely once dried. Finally, add a bow of ribbon at the bottom.

So easy! And really, I know you might think I’m having you on but it only took us like 15 minutes. Quick, cheap, cheerful and will no doubt have people wanting you to make one for them too. A great gift!

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