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Quick DIY: Skinny Silk Scarf

DIY Fashion Mar 29, 2016

DIY Skinny Silk Scarf

Some trends are so easy to recreate yourself that you’d be crazy not to. Take a step forward, silk skinny scarves. An easy piece to dress up just about any outfit, this one is perfect for a quick half hour project. Not only that, it doubles as a belt and even a silk headband, so it’s something that you’re sure to get a tonne of wear out of. And for those of you terrified of a sewing machine, this one can be done using iron on bonding tape orrrr by getting your sew on. I prefer sewing mainly because you know it will last longer, but you can go either way depending on your level of skill or how much time you’ve got up your sleeve.

DIY Skinny Silk Scarf

You need

  • A piece of silk fabric measuring around 1 m x 15cm (1.1 yard x 6 in)
  • Needle and thread OR iron on bonding tape
  • Scissors
  • Iron

How to

1. Cut your silk fabric to size. You want double the width of your finished product, plus a small seam allowance – roughly the measurements in the materials list.

2. Sew along all the edges, except for one end, you’ll use that to turn it inside out. If you’re using bonding tape, don’t sew, inside press the fabric together using the tape.

3. Turn the fabric tube inside out. I find it easy to do this with your fingers.

4. Once you’ve done that carefully sew the open end shut, making sure to fold the raw edges in, and then iron well. You’re done!


Photos by Nicola Lemmon & Visala Wong

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