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Creative Gift Ideas for Mother's Day (To Make and Buy)

Home DIY Apr 19, 2016

Creative Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I’ve been trying to work out what would be a nice and creative thing to share with mum, over above a simple gift. As I grown older, I’ve realised that mother’s day isn’t just about what you give your mum,  it’s as much about what you share with her on the day (and everyday). As I’ve grown older, I’ve become more interested in my mother’s life, the one before I knew her as mum that is. Namely all the things she did, the places she visited and the friendships she made. It’s taken a while to realise that she wasn’t always ‘mum’, and at one time was my age with all that it entails (albeit sans instagram!). It’s for that reason I was excited to get a copy of Kikki K‘s new ‘Mum’s Story‘ book, which is all about sharing and learning more about your mother, the person she was, is and will be. The aim is that you sit down with her and fill it out together, over a strong cup of tea naturally, and maybe some salted Lindt dark chocolate? It’s something you can get totally creative with too – adding photos, decorating and putting your own special touch on it. Read on for a few other creative gift ideas for both those who like to buy and also those who like to make.

Mum’s Story book, notebook sets, pens, tea cup and tea pot, wooden canister, copper candle.

Creative Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day


Clearly Kikki K’s Mum’s Story goes hand in hand with a nice cup of tea, and this cup and teapot are the perfect set up for an afternoon tea worth remembering. If you’ve inherited your OCD list making from her, maybe you should buy her something gorgeous to write in (maybe buy yourself one too!) – I recently splurged on this leather notebook cover and it know it will be something I’m going to use for a long time. And if the kitchen is her forte, this recipe organiser is a lovely minimalist addition to the kitchen…. When in doubt, a simple set of notebooks can never go wrong.


Looking for a gift that’s soaked in your own blood, sweat and tears? Perhaps try your hand at macrame – you’ll be making one for mum and just about everyone you know! If she’s a furniture lover this bench is easy and cheap to make, or if you’re handy with a sewing machine, these rope bowls are a winner. My mum’s always after some good jewellery storage ideas, and this leather jewellery holder would be a great little addition to her vanity. If she’s the classic type, this pearl glasses strap is just the right kind of fancy. And naturally showing someone you love them is as much about what you make to eat than what you wrap and give to them, and these coconut baked doughnuts would go down a treat… Yum! For something a little bigger that’s sure to impress why not try this epic platter? Pair it with a simple glass jar arrangement on the table (like this one) and you’ve got a day she’s sure to remember.

Oh and if she is a lover of SKI trips (aka spending the kid’s inheritance) splash out on a new passport holder and bag tag, because she definitely needs some cute accessories for that, right? Last but not least, don’t forget to wish your mother happy mother’s day on all those social media channels she doesn’t use :).

This post is in collaboration with Kikki K

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