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DIY Woven Market Backpack

DIY Fashion Aug 26, 2016

DIY Market Backpack

A little reader request coming at ya! A few of you have asked that I make this market backpack, an item I’ve seen a couple of times here and thought why not and something I was more than happy to do given that all you need is a bag, some leather and a few studs. Easy and totally practical. What’s not to love?

DIY Market Backpack

You need:

  • A woven bag
  • Scissors
  • Leather hole puncher
  • Studs (or a needle and thread)
  • Leather straps (if you need more than what’s already on the bag).

How to:

  1. First, remove the existing straps of the bag.

2. Using the leather hole puncher, create a hole about 5cm (2 in) from the end of the leather for the shoulder straps.

3. Using a stud (or needle and thread), secure the leather strap at the front of the woven bag along the top edge. You may need to trim back the ends of the shoulder straps so that the are equal lengths to each other.

4. Once both shoulder straps are secured at the front, insert a metal stud in between the two.

5. On the opposite side of the bag, insert a short piece of leather like you did for the shoulder straps. This will act as the bag closure and will attach to the metal stud you placed on the bag in Step 4.

6. On the opposite side of the bag about two-thirds of the way down, use a sharp tool to create two holes to insert two studs. We will use these to secure the other side of the shoulder straps.

7. Punch a hole into the other end of the shoulder straps, and insert onto the studs.

All done! Ready to get stuck into the markets.

Ps guys thanks so much for all your tips about LA! I had such a good time. I’m now in Palm Springs and looking forward to sharing all that with you 🙂

Photos by Bryant Lee

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