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Quick DIY: Lace Choker

DIY Fashion Oct 27, 2016

DIY Lace Choker

To round out yesterday’s seriously detailed blog post about defining your personal style (how did you go?) we thought we would share something simple and that you can do with your eyes closed. A crazy easy lace choker. Call me a 90’s child but I couldn’t be happier that the choker has made a come back, mainly because you can make one yourself so so easily, whether it’s just a velvet ribbon or something more formal like this. Enjoy!

DIY Lace Choker

You Need

  • Lace
  • Chain
  • Metal stoppers x 2
  • Metal rings x 2
  • Metal clasp x 1
  • Glue
  • Pliers

How to

  1. Using the pliers, open the metal ring and slide it onto a metal stopper. Repeat this for the other ring and stopper. You will end up with two pairs of ring-stopper combos.

2. Then slide the metal clasp onto one ring-stopper pair and the chain onto the other pair. Close the metal ring with the pliers so that the chain or clasp will not fall out.

3. Glue one end of the lace into the metal stopper attached to the clasp.

4. Glue the other end of the lace into the metal stopper attached to the chain and you’re done!

Photos by Nicola Lemmon

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