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Granada Travel Guide

Travel Nov 11, 2016

Granada Travel Guide

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a love for Moorish architecture – tiles, arches, domes and lavish doorways. Andddd courtyards. My kingdom for a courtyard! A far cry from the Scandinavian minimalism that is currently de rigueur.

Morocco is at the top of my list, but this love of colour and vibrancy  also fuels my interest in other areas of the world where the Moors had influence – like Spain, Portugal and Turkey. You can imagine therefore that I was pretty excited to visit Granada a few months ago, a city people likened in parts to Marrakech for its Moorish allure. The jewel in the crown for this city is of course the Alhambra – a gorgeous palace which overlooks the whole city. Yes I absolutely loved visiting the palace itself  but as usual what I appreciated most about the city wasn’t the major tourist sites, but the tiny cobbled streets, quiet corners and people going about their everyday lives in such a historic and beautiful place. Put it on (or in?) your bucket list guys!

Wearing: Paddo to Palmy top, vintage denim Levis, The Simple Sandal in Nude, local spanish bag.

Granada Travel Guide


If you want to really soak in the charm of the town I suggest you stay in the El Albaicin district, which makes it easy to get to most of the sights and eateries you’ll want to check out. We stayed at Hotel Casa 1800, which was really really nice.


Obviously you’ll be visiting the Alhambra and the Generalife gardens, they are a must! Remember to buy your tickets in advance.

Wander the old Moorish neighbourhood of El Albaicin – starting at Carrera del Darro simply keep walking uphill.

Shop on the (somewhat touristy) street of Caladeria Nueva.

Walk alongside the stream on Carrera Del Darro.

Visit Sacramote, the gypsy area complete with case houses! You can watch some flamenco dance inside the caves. Once again a little touristy but totally worth it.

Watch sunset from Mirador San Miguel.

Have coffee and stroll around

Visit the mountains of the Sierra Navada, I’ll be sharing a full guide to that region here soon.

Soak in a Hammam.

Visit Patios De Los Perfumes for local scents, candles and the most gorgeous courtyard you’ve ever seen (they serve juice and tea too).


Tapas is where it’s at in Granada, so get ready for lots of drinks and small plates! Try out  Taverna Salinas or (standing room only) Bar Los Diamantes

We had a lovely dinner at Carmela’s.

Have coffee and a simple breakfast at La Finca.

Watch the sun set over the Alhambra from the hills of Albaicin – a good (although busy at sunset) place to go is Restaurante Aben Humeya or any of the bars along that street.

Have tea and sweets at Teteria del Banuelo.

Have dinner overlooking the Alhambra at Carmen Verde Luna. Another Carmen restaurant that

Settle in for a Spanish lunch at the atmospheric Bodega Castaneda.

Good to know

You’re sure to eat your fill of the complimentary tapas that come with every drink you order! Although note that if you’re looking for slightly more fancy tapas you’ll have to order off the menu and pay for it. Just saying!

Book in to the Alhambra as early as possible – tour groups start arriving around 11 and it’s hard to enjoy yourself when 90848935 people are taking photos on their iPads in front of you. 🙂

View of the Albaicin district from the Alhambra. Love all those courtyard houses!

The tile times.

Discovering the hills of the Albaicin district.

Beautiful vine covered houses on the hilly streets of the Albaicin.

Quiet moments in the Alhambra.

Shopping on Carreria Nuevo street.

Courtyards of this city were to die for.Wearing Zara dress (I cut it off!), The Simple Sandal in nude and market bag.

Imagining this being my home.

Ben: don’t you have enough photos in doorways? Geneva: never enough!

Didn’t want to miss even on tiny detail of this place.

Quiet corners

Pitstops at La Teteria del Banuelo overlooking the Alhambra. Apparently this place has a gorgeous view at night time!

Don’t forget to look up!

Afternoons at the hammam.

The Generalife Gardens.

Early evening light in this gorgeous town.

Local plateware and The Simple Sandals in nude.

Let me know if I missed any great spots! Because I’ll definitely be going back one day. 🙂

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