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5 Reasons You Should Start (Or Resuscitate) Your Blog This Year

Blogging 101 Jan 18, 2017

5 Reasons You Should Start Your Blog

New year, new you right?

Chances are by now you’re a little tired of the rhetoric surrounding January resolutions, which I can totally understand. But as the dust settles on the new year, I can’t help but feel that even if it can be a tad overdone, the impetus January provides to work on oneself is useful – particularly when it comes to developing a strategy for your career/passion. Because we all need a little push sometimes don’t we?

Wearing: Gold button blazer, white cotton shirtankle button skinny leg jeansblock heel loafers

5 Reasons You Should Start Your Blog This Year

Recently Marks & Spencer asked me to put together a work wear edit, and share with you guys some career advice you’ve been asking for. And because blogging is my career, I thought it would be great to go back to square one, back to basics (much like the perfect basics in this outfit edit) as it were. I’ve had countless comments and questions from people who want to start a blog but can’t get motivated, or people who have started one but over time have let it fall to the wayside. In case this is you I’ve put together 5 reasons not to wait any longer. 2017 is your year!

Your Web Presence Is More Important an Ever

I’ve talked about this before, but as various social platforms become more monetized and tricky to penetrate (and use) there’s a move back towards blogs and the Internet as a key source of information. Every influencer I’ve met recently is reinvigorating their blog – because you own that platform and what goes on it. In case you’re tossing up, consider your blog as the key hub from which all your other online presences evolve.

Unique Voices are Popular (and Needed)

Whilst in some online spaces the status quo continues in terms of voices and what they are saying, I’m so happy to see lots of different voices joining the conversation – whether it be Lenny Magazine or Marie Andrews the instagram cartoonist. The popularity of these different voices/perspectives tells me that people are crying out for uniqueness and interesting takes, which is great for new bloggers as it encourages you to do you – and not prescribe to any sort of standardised approach, or what others are doing.

There’s Always Room For New Players

I’ve seen countless people be put off from working on their blog or online presence because the market feels like it’s over flowing with talent. And whilst yes the number of influencers has grown hugely in the last few years, so too has the audience size, meaning that everyday there’s new people out there looking for a person or voice that can connect and inspire them. This is what you need to tap into – by cultivating a unique voice online and really honing into your niche, you can build a profile from the ground up, regardless of how big the market is.

Brands Continue to Tap into Digital

If we’re thinking about this from a purely $$$ perspective, mirroring the fact that there’s continued growth in the size of online audiences, so too is there more allocation of budgets towards digital voices and the power they have. The outlook on this is good, which means that even if you’re not a major player (to begin with), there’s room for you to make a career out of your blog, so long as you’re able to cultivate an engaged audience.

And finally, start today…

And in two years you’ll have a body of work and audience to really be proud of. And whilst two years might sound like a long time, it’s not at all! And to think just a few hours a week dedicated to something you love can help you achieve this. Let’s do this!

In the next few months I’ll be sharing more blogging basics with you, something I hope comes at the right time for you and your strategy. And when it comes to basics, I’ve picked a few favourites from the Marks & Spencer Australia website to inspire your career focused outfits – my number one pick is this blazer it is an absolute wardrobe essential and can be worn a million ways.

Back to basics blogging essentials: A notebook, camera, comfortable flats, calligraphy and of course a cacti!

Above:  Pure Cotton Sweater, Block Heel Loafers, Checked A-line skirt.

Looking for more blogging advice? Check out this and this post. Enjoy!

This post is in collaboration with Marks & Spencer. Photos by Nicola Lemmon.

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