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What to Pack for Bali (and what to buy when you're there)

Perfectly Packed Mar 31, 2017

What To Pack For Bali

We’re bringing back the what’s in my suitcase column, because who doesn’t want to have a sticky beak in someone else’s carry on now and again?

There’s nothing better than the excitement of going to a new place and imagining all your outfits, but inevitably I always want to take too much with me. And although naturally I’m still following this packing guide, the urge to overpack is still strong. However, luckily some places lend themselves perfectly to under packing, because the shopping is amazing, which for me means you’ll spend less than you would at home. Bali is definitely one of those places! If you’ve been following for a while you’ll know that I’ve done a lot of analysis of packing, but for this what’s in my bag post I’m going to be doing it a little differently – by letting you now what you need to take to Bali, and what you should leave room for to buy when you’re there.

Outfit: DIY Levi Cut Offs, DIY Shoulder Tie Top (coming soon, I made something with that fabric guys!), The Simple Sandal in nude, Ubud Market Bag, Dior Sunglasses

What To Pack For Bali

Ok so before we get started, let me preface this by saying that Bali is an island with bigger cities and towns, so essentially you can get whatever you want there. However, because of the artisans and craftsmanship in Bali there are certain things that are a) better and b) cheaper to purchase there than where you perhaps live, depending on where that is obviously. In addition, you’ll find lots of fashion and accessories in the markets, but from our visit only a handful of items you’ll want to wear both when you are there and when you go home.

Don’t Forget

A Good Backpack – An absolute must when travelling, you won’t find any of these in the art markets in Ubud, and you’re going to need it on your way so choose a really great one before you leave home. Head here for more details on which bags to take with you.

Sunglasses – You’ll find lots of places selling cheap sunglasses in the markets, but at such a low price chances are the lenses are doing your eyes more harm tham good – so for the paid you’ll wear the most, grab some good quality ones at home before you go.

High quality essentials – It’s worth investing in high quality essentials like silk tanks and dresses before you go – that way you can research and shop around, and have them on hand as soon as you get there! You can supplement with other simple items when you arrive.

Quality Footwear – You really don’t want to take any chances when it comes to the footwear you take with you on holidays, so definitely grab some good options in your home country including sandals and sneaker. I’ve talked about packing footwear on the blog before, and you might want to grab a pair of our simple sandals to get you through 🙂

Underwear – Comfortable bras and knickers are almost as important as shoes when you’re travelling, so don’t mess around on this one – invest in some versatile pieces before you go (more on that soon!).

Denim Shorts – A good pair of denim shorts is absolutely key when packing for a place like Bali, and unless you shop at a bigger name brand chances are you won’t find many good worn in vintage Levi’s when you’re there. So take these with you!

Buy When You’re There

A Straw Hat – There are lots of different beautiful stores selling traditional style straw hats, and whilst they may be better suited to your holiday than when you get home, they’re a good accessory for your trip and mean that you don’t have to lug one onto the plane on your way there (but will have to if you want to take it home).

A Basket Bag – The bag stalls in the markets should come with a warning – because you’re going to make to buy 4576 of them. And thats good! Because you most definitely can’t find them at home, particularly not for the $10 we paid for them. Buy away!

Swimwear – In the markets and in better quality boutiques all over the island you’ll find swimwear – with lots of emerging swimwear labels setting up shop in Bali and selling affordable pieces. It’s a great place to pick up your new summer bikini!

Cotton and silk Jumpsuits – The markets are filled with stores selling cotton items, but most of them have prints that are more often than not a little bit off, and not things you would probably wear back home. If you dig deep though, you’ll find simple plain colours, the likes of which will transition into your home wardrobe well.

Crochet & Lace – You’d be crazy not to pick up crochet or lace pieces in Bali, with crop tops, dresses and bikinis being sold on every corner and in every market. While they’re usually expensive if you buy them at home, you can get them for bargain prices in Bali, although don’t overdo it because chances are you won’t wear them that much at home.

Outfit: DIY Rust Dress, Ubud Market Bag and hat, The Simple Sandals in Nude.

In my bag: The Simple Sandal in Nude and Tan, Ubud Market hat, tote and small circle bag, DIY mustard top, DIY rust cross back dress, Paddo to Palmy Pink Dress, Spell Lace Dress

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