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DIY Shoulder Tie Linen Top

DIY Fashion Apr 20, 2017

DIY Shoulder Tie Linen Top

Hello from Sri Lanka guys! I’ve spent the last few days enjoying this gorgeous country with a few friends, it’s been amazing and there’s a little more to come. I’m looking forward to sharing everything I get upto with you here, but in the meantime I wanted to share this easy DIY linen shoulder tie top.

Fresh trip, fresh wardrobe. I always make incredibly optimistic lists and moodboards of new outfits I want to create prior to going away on holiday… I mean, who wouldn’t want a few new fresh pieces for travelling? On my last trip away to Bali I had a crazy whirlwind last few hours where I made a dress, two tops and a jumpsuit… It was a frantic few hours but worth it because it meant I finally made something using the fabrics I asked you guys about here.

Because it turned out the mustard fabric was too small to make a dress, I had to settle for a top instead, and because my time was seriously limited too, I made it as easy as possible. So easy you could make it with your eyes closed!

DIY Shoulder Tie Linen Top

You need

  • 2 metres (2.2 yards of line fabric)
  • a sewing machine or needle and thread
  • scissors

How to


First you want to make a simple tube of fabric to go around your torso. Using a top you already own, draw an outline of your top and cut two matching pieces. Sew these together. In order to not need a zip you need to make it wide enough to go over your head - I made mine a slight A line so it had a little extra shape but a straight shape would look great too. Once you've got your tube, hem the top and bottom edge so it's well finished.


Cut four strips of fabric for your shoulder ties, I made mine half a metre each and about 8 cm wide. Then, iron them in half lengthwise and then sew the edge.


You then need to push the straps inside out, using your fingers. Iron so they are nice and finished. Another option here would be to leave them hem edge out, for a more raw look.


Put your tube of fabric on and then pin the straps where you want them to go. Then take the top off and sew down in place - I do this by hand using small stitches. Finally, trim and hem the ends of your shoulder ties - or leave them raw like I did!

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