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DIY Lace Up Swimsuit

DIY Fashion Jun 20, 2017

Ready to get laced up?

I’ve been so into laced up swimsuit for a while, and thought what better way to get one in my life than to make one myself? Whether you’re in full summer mode or down under and dreaming of warm days by the sea, this swimsuit will have you ready for your vacuum (real or imaginary) in no time!

DIY Lace Up Swimsuit

For this project you need a sturdy bikini or full piece swimsuit. It’s important that the fabric is thick so that when you add the eyelets they can be secured properly.


Place your eyelets where you want them to go and use your chalk pencil to make where the holes need to be put. We did just three but you can do as many as you like on the front or the back of the swimsuit.


Using your scissors or a dawl tool, cut small holes where you have marked.


Slip the back of the eyelet underneath the fabric, and the top piece of the eyelet on top. You may have to stretch the hole over the top of the back eyelet piece.


Using the eyelet tool, hammer the eyelets in place so they are secure. Repeat this for all other eyelet holes.


Finally, cut a piece of rope and weave it through your holes.


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