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DIY Leather Beach Towel Strap

DIY Fashion Jul 14, 2017

Dreaming of your next beach break? Me too. Whilst you plan, why to try your hand at making an easy DIY leather beach towel strap?

I’m in New York at the moment and whilst I’ve got zero complaints about exploring this amazing city, a dip of my toes in the ocean would go down well given just how steamy it’s been. Not to mention that I’ve been tracking my steps and we’ve clocked up over 100km of walking (!), meaning a swim would go down a treat right about now. Sometime soon, and in the meantime the breeze blowing off the Hudson River will do me fine (but probably no swimming because I’ve totally watched my fair share of Law & Order SVU).  Anyway, I have a bit of a thing for beach accessories particularly when they’re a) chic and b) easy to make. Like this leather beach towel strap… For those of you who every so often want an alternative to squashing your beach towel in a bag… Just wrap it in the strap and sling it over your shoulder!

DIY Leather Beach Towel Strap

This strap is basically one long piece of leather with two pieces on the ends that have belt-like stud fastenings so they can be rolled around your towel, with the long piece if leather acting as a handle. You can use pieces of leather or also cut up belts work well too, perhaps even better because they will hold their shape more than this leather I used. You’re going to need three pieces of leather about 50cm (20 inch).


First, fold the towel you plan to use into the correct size and use that to measure where you want your cross straps to go. A few inches in from each end works well.


Lay your other leather strap underneath the two cross straps. Leave some hanging over the edges of the cross straps so that you can fold it over to create a clean edge.


Add your press studs to connect the straps.


Screw the top of the stud in place.


Then, use your hole punch to put multiple holes in the other end of the straps so that you can wrap your towel and secure the press studs into one of the holes, like you would a belt.


Simply roll up your towel and press the studs down.

Ps who else is totally into turkish towels? They are the best!! Why have we only just got onto them – so adaptable and light!

If you liked the leather strap addition…This DIY may just be for you too: Woven Market Backpack

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