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DIY Canvas Tote Bag

DIY Fashion Sep 18, 2017

DIY Canvas Tote Bag

It’s time to take your farmers market game to the next level with this DIY canvas tote bag.

As much as I have a closet that’s overflowing with handbags, there are really only a couple I regularly reach for – roomy, practical and usually a tote! I know it’s not great for your back to carry a heavy load so I’m always on the lookout for a light but chic one… They’re not easy to track down! After carrying lots of not-so-nice ones that I’ve acquired here and there I thought it was time to take the tote bag game up a notch by way of khaki green canvas, tan leather, and gold rivets. Now you can too!

DIY Canvas Tote Bag

The above dimensions can be easily modified if you prefer your bag in a different size.


Start by drafting the pattern of the bag onto the wrong side of your fabric.


Leave seam allowance and cut. This is what your fabric piece should look like after cutting.


Serge the edges of the fabric first. Since we don't have an overlock machine, we used a zigzag stitch to serge the edges.



Pin and sew down the side seams of the bag, but leave the corners open.


Open the corners of the bag. Fold the corner, matching the centre fold on the base with the side seam. Sew across to secure the corner.


This is what the completed base will look like after you sew the corners shut.


Flip the bag right-way out.


Fold down the top seam and sew it shut. We left a wider seam allowance to increase the thickness of the top edge as it will help reduce wear and tear where the leather straps will be attached later on.


Finally, attach your straps by lining them up and then punching holes in the fabric. Screw the studs on (we put the pointy bit of the stud inside so the look was a little more minimal).

Like what you see? Or just want to save it for later?

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The best thing about this style is you can literally make it in any fabric – like other canvas colours but also leather, suede and any other style you like. It’s so very versatile. Enjoy!

DIY Tote Bag, White Romper from Shilla, Hunter x Hunter necklace, Sportsgirl hat.

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