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DIY Linen Curtains (No Sewing Required!)

Home DIY Sep 20, 2017

DIY Linen Curtains

Give your bedroom a makeover with some new curtains… No sewing required!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been enjoying being at home, relaxing, getting organised and doing all the things you do when there’s downtime. One of those things for me is a bit of home decor updating, something you’ll know I do on the regular. Anyone else feel like you never finish decorating your space? But no complaints here! Recently I decided it was time to give the bedroom an update, and after considering the idea for a while, I realised that it was the old curtains that were giving the space a depressing feel. Having not a lot of time to spare I decided to do it the easy way… With no sewing required using a simple flat bedsheet!  Thanks to my friends over at Cultiver sent who me a few items from their range; I knew one piece was destined for somewhere other than the bed… Admittedly this flat linen sheet is a little nicer than another one you might use for this project,  so use whatever you have or can get your hands on.

The reason sheets are ideal for making curtains is that it’s hard to find fabric that’s wide enough – the standard widths of most fabric means you end up with lots of curtain drops. So take a look around for some sheets (thrift shops?) and away you go!

DIY Linen Curtains


For this project, we chose to use curtain clips to attach the fabric to the curtain rail in my bedroom. We found ours in a local two dollar store but you can find them on Amazon or Urban Outfitters, or any big craft store. This was mainly because I didn't want mess with my new gorgeous sheet too much (they're pretty fancy!), and also means I can swap it out to a different colour or fabric anytime I want. The other option is to use large eyelets and attach them to the fabric along the top. It's totally up to you.



As I mentioned we used a linen queen flat sheet that was 112'(285 cm) wide and 105' (265cm) long. If you're happy to sew your curtains you can also make them out of simple linen fabric, and we suggest you measure your windows and multiply the length by two so you get the right amount of gathers. If you're making them from scratch, you'll need to hem the fabric all the way around prior to attaching the clips.


To give your sheet curtains a more substantial feel, we suggest you fold the fabric down at the top. We folded ours 8'' (20cm) down.


Then, evenly space and attach the curtain clips all along the top edge.


I also swapped the DIY Hanging Headboard I made a while ago to some mudcloth, and I love the feel of it. Can you tell how much I love projects that allow you to change things up all the time? It’s the best way to decorate (IMHO).

In this photo, we’ve got this duvet set and these white linen pillows on the bed. So excited to sleep on these gorgeous sheets! And yes it is a bit of a tween dream, but luckily Ben’s totally cool with all the pink. Phew!

Stay tuned for more bedroom updates coming soon. Thanks for the lovely sheets Cultiver.

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