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Make This DIY A-line Skirt

DIY Fashion Sep 11, 2017

DIY A-Line Skirt

Get in line for the A Line.

No matter what season you find yourself in (I know some of you are coming out of summer and others are going into it), a simple A Line skirt works for your wardrobe regardless of whether it’s destined for the beach or over a pair of tights on a night out. And thus, can I make the argument that an A line skirt is a serious closet essential? If you haven’t got one in your closet, maybe it’s time? And when I say time I mean a great time to make one yourself – making sure to choose your fabric based on if you need it to be warming or cooling (more on that here).

DIY A-Line Skirt

The great thing about this tutorial is that you can use it to make a mini like we’ve done here, or you can make it longer depending on your needs. Oh so versatile!


To create the paper pattern for the midi skirt, take a skirt you already have, fold it in half down the middle and lay it over a large piece of paper. Align the fold line with the straight edge, then trace around the skirt.


Cut the along the pattern. Note that these patterns are drawn in halves, and you will need to mirror the patterns when you transfer them to your fabric if you want a seamless, complete piece. Repeat the steps to create a paper pattern for the back of the skirt.


Transfer the paper pattern to fabric. You should have a front and back piece and a waistband piece. If your zipper is to be set down the back (like ours is), the back piece will need to be two separate pieces with a seam down the middle.


Sew the front and back pieces together, then sew the waistband to the skirt.Leave the seam open from the top, the length should be slightly shorter than your zipper. You can also hem the bottom edge of your skirt, at this point.


Attach the zipper to the back seam. Tip: An easy way to determine if you're setting your zippers right, is to pin them in place and flip the seams in.


If you sew invisible zippers often, it's a good idea to invest in an invisible zipper foot.This makes the sewing process easier and faster. Sew the zipper using this method. Once you've added the zipper, the skirt is done!


Heavy cotton

In case you’re wondering, I’m back from New York in the studio, and feeling super excited to work on a lot of new DIY projects – I’ve got a hankering to put together lots for the home so stay tuned for plenty of little updates that you can put in place in your space tooo! xxx Geneva

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