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DIY Fringed Mirror

Home DIY Oct 4, 2017

DIY Fringed Mirror

Hey guys! Time for a new home project… something easy that’s sure to brighten up your space.

You’ll be no stranger to my love of mirrors when it comes to opening up a space and making it seem bigger… I talk about it in this post. More is more when it comes to mirrors in my books! I’ve done quite a few projects on the blog incorporating mirrors, and when I saw a fringed style online recently I knew I wanted to create something similar. It just looked so easy! Needless to say we decided to give it a try. Check out some of my other mirror projects DIY Hanging Mirror, DIY Make Up Vanity, DIY Entryway Organiser.

DIY Fringed Mirror

You may remember from other mirror projects that I have found this inexpensive mirror from Ikea is a great option for lots of DIY projects – all you have to do it take it out of the frame! The mirror we used is 20” (50 cm) in diameter and we bought it from Ikea.


We didn't want the decorative frame so we dismantled the mirror and removed the frame.


Measure and cut a piece of thick ribbon that fits across the middle of the mirror.


The challenge with this project (it turns out) is making the fringe thick enough. So, cut a bunch of twine that is double that of your ideal length of the fringe. We will be folding it in half later on.


Attach the twine to the ribbon by sewing or gluing along the middle of the twine. We sewed because it is quick but you can also hot glue the twine onto the ribbon if you don't feel like sewing. 


Then fold the ribbon in half and sew or glue it closed.


Dab some hot glue on the back of the mirror before attaching the twine trim. We ended up doing two layers of fringe using this method, but it's up to you if you'd like to do just one. 


Trim the ends of your fringe.


Since this mirror had no hooks, we had to glue on a custom piece of hanging rope using industrial grade glue.

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