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DIY Leather Wrapped Vases

Home DIY Oct 25, 2017

DIY Leather Wrapped Vases

Hey guys! Can you believe it’s almost November… Where did the year go?!

I’ve been loving everything about creating small updates to our apartment in an ongoing decoration project that seems to have taken on a life of its own. In case you missed the dozens of projects, I’ve grouped them under #apasapartment. Take a gander, and see what you think! They’re all focused on stylish space-saving decor. I have to say, the house is absolutely overflowing with projects… Just how I like it but to be honest, it feels like we’ll have to get a bigger space soon so I can make some more!  That’s the sign of a serious addiction, don’t you think? One of the things I have noticed is that once you start playing around with decor, it seriously never ends. Particularly if you look at everything you see with a critical eye and ‘could I make that?’ in the front of your mind.

Anyway, on to today’s project, the top of this cabinet is one of my favourite places to tweak and style, adding candles, rearranging art and DIYing things to sit centre stage. It’s more tinkered with than my Instagram bio! The newest addition? Some leather wrapped bottles and vases… Such a simple project that’s perfect for your shelfies, or, given we’re coming up to the gift-giving season, perfect for someone else too!

DIY Leather Wrapped Vases

For this project, we simply used old bottles and a vase we had under the sink and some leather pieces left over from a previous project…. Making it the most bargain basement decor update/gift going round. Enjoy!


The lengths of the leather pieces are pretty much up to you, depending on how much of the glass bottles or vases you'd like to cover. Just make sure leather is wide enough to wrap around the bottles, with allowance to spare for attaching the rivets.


Mark the placements of your rivets, then screw the rivets on, making sure that the head of the rivets are on the wrong side of the leather.


Punch holes on the other end of the leather pieces for accommodating the rivet heads, and voila!


I’ve also been experimenting with drying flowers recently, it’s so sad to throw them away once they die. More on that soon! And as usual, I have my gorgeous Jasmine Dowling print on the shelfie, I will never get sick of those gorgeous tones.

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