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DIY Twine Lampshade (An Ikea hack!)

DIY Projects Oct 13, 2017

DIY Twine Lampshade

Take a stock standard lampshade from basic to beautiful with some twine.

If you’ve been following for a while you’ll know that I love natural materials – from linen┬áto raffia to straw. After a trip to Ibiza I have to say I got into all the twine and rope details that were used all over the island, and so I wanted to bring some of that home with me… Without going over my luggage limit! I worked out a way to add some twine into the house without over doing it via this easy and super affordable lamp project. Enjoy!

DIY Twine Lampshade

We sourced this simple lampshade from Ikea and it was very affordable, making this an easy Ikea Hack!


Begin by dabbing hot glue to the edge of your lampshade, and attaching the end of the twine string to it.


You don't need to glue the entire lampshade, just the two points on the top and bottom of the lampshade is enough to secure the twine.


Since the lampshade we used is not a true conical shape, we had to space out the bottom placements of the twine as we wrapped. 

But if yours is just a normal cone shaped lampshade, you won't have to space the placements out.


And that’s basically that, keep wrapping until you cover the whole lampshade, and you’re done!

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