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DIY Lace Sling Tote

DIY Fashion Dec 1, 2017

DIY Lace Sling Tote

Because who doesn’t need another tote?

Looking for an easy and foolproof way to reduce your impact on the environment? This recycled sling tote is the answer. It’s not exactly a new concept, eschewing plastic bags at the supermarket, but it’s something that you can overlook when you’ve got a busy day or are on the run. Not even mentioning the fact that most recycled tote bags don’t *exactly* go with your outfit (no one said a girl couldn’t be vain and environmentally conscious at the same time!).  So this pretty DIY sling tote is what you need, we created it using some lace fabric that was left over from another project, so you should definitely utilize fabric scraps if you have any!

DIY Lace Sling Tote


Fold your fabric twice, and begin drafting by measuring from the two folded edges.


Leave a seam allowance and then cut around the pattern.


You will end up with a complete mirrored pattern, this is what it looks like after unfolding.


Sew down the side and bottom seams, leaving the corners open.


Fold the corners, and sew across. This will create the box shaped base of the bag.


Finally, sew all the edges of the bag using a folded hem or a zig zag stitch. Enjoy!


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