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DIY Wrap Dress

Sewing Feb 16, 2018

DIY Wrap Dress

Wrap it up!

So many of you have requested a simple wrap dress tutorial and we finally got around to creating one for you. I’m sorry for the wait! I’ve been a fan of the wrap style for a long time now, in my opinion, it’s just such a flattering shape on pretty much anyone. I mean, Diane Von Furstenburg became a household name for a reason! This one we made out of simple polka dot cotton fabric, perfect for lunch or worn open on the beach over a swimsuit. Enjoy!

DIY Wrap Dress Pattern

The pattern for this wrap dress is quite straightforward. All you need to do is take a simple bodice shape and extend the wrap front and add a skirt. The bodice piece can be done by tracing around an existing shirt you own, remember to copy around the sleeves as well. To create the wrap piece, extend it out the same width of your bodice piece (around 13cm or 5 for us) from the front waistline, and draft a curve from the shoulder point to create the overlapping wrap front.  Add a skirt by extending from the two points on the waistline, we made out skirt 64cm (25”) but you can adjust the length to your liking, You’ll have to create two for these right and left front pieces, so essentially they should mirror each other. Make one then flip it and trace it.

The back panels as shown above must also be made separately and sewn down the back center seam.

How to


Trace and cut out your fabric. You should end up with 4 separate pieces for the front and the back. Sew the panels together down the back centre seams, and the sleeve seams and side seams between the front and back panels.


Then finish the raw edges of the entire skirt. We did an invisible hem using fusing tape.


Sew a fabric belt for your dress.

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Photos by Nicola Lemmon


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