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Help Us Choose A Tile Pattern!

Renovating Apr 16, 2018

Help Us Choose A Tile Pattern

Hey guys! Another fun, crowdsourced interiors post today… This time all about tiles!

Thank you soooo much to all of you that weighed in on our colour palette question. I just loved hearing all your ideas and suggestions and found it so so fun to work on these ideas together. We’re full steam ahead with the colours that we chose, and everything is coming along really really fast. Excitement! Now. Let’s talk tiles.

Designing the bathroom was one of the most exciting parts for me when it came to our renovation, it just felt like bathrooms can be such lovely and indulgent places, so long as you can get the design features right. One of the most important design features is the tiles, which require a lot of thought because they cover almost all surfaces, are difficult to replace and are scarily expensive. Initially, I have to admit I dreamt big, having fallen in love with the handmade square cement tiles I saw a lot in Spain last year… But once we put a price on them a little piece of me died inside… Man are they expensive! Ben, ever the solution finder, was quick to point out that we could create something interesting and unique using simple tiles, we just had to think a bit laterally! From experience, he knew that a simple rectangular subway tile can be laid in so many different ways, so that’s what we went for!

We chose these simple subway tiles from Tile Cloud – a white gloss with a subtle pattern that gives them a handmade feel without the associated cost, and now just have to decide how to lay them! And that’s where you guys come in, to help us choose a tile pattern.

A few tile pattern ideas for you

Bored of rectangular tiles? Don’t be! Thanks to Ben I now know that there are soooo many ways to lay them that are anything but boring. To show you what we mean, we’ve put together this diagram so you can see just how many options there are. Different patterns are suited to different decor, so know that we are going for a minimalist feel but with a bit of personality. Sounds cryptic I know! Below I’ve share some various inspirations for the various tile pattern options.

Help Us Choose A Tile Pattern


Vertical Brickwork

Ok so I have to say I do love a vertical subway tile, to me, it makes the space feel bigger and accentuates the height of the ceiling. It also has a more modern feel because I think it’s a bit less common than some of the other patterns.


Basketweave grabs your attention more than some of the other patterns, and who doesn’t love a basket after all?! It could be a little too detailed depending on the other design elements of the space. But I like this one!

Horizontal Grid

The clean look and feel of horizontal grid appeals, particularly if you take into account the fact that the tiles we chose have a subtle texture that will give the whole look a bit more of an organic feel.


This is the most common subway tile pattern, and while it is clean and simple, it doesn’t have a huge wow factor for me – even though it’s something that will always look great and never date!

Vertical Grid

Vertical grid is something I have noticed being done in some of my favourite designs, once again it accentuates the height of the ceilings, and also has a really modern feel.


Finally, another design I like a lot. But similar to the basket weave it has a bit more detail which may work in some bathrooms and not in others.

To say I was excited about the arrival of our tiles was an understatement! You know you’re growing up when these sorts of things excite you.


Ok so which tile pattern are you into? We do have an idea in mind (which helped us guide the tile choice) but that said I not completely set on it and would dearly love to hear what you think!

This post is in collaboration with Tile Coud. Infographic by Natalie Ong. Inspiration images from: Caitlin Wilson, Lonny Magazine, Amber Interiors, Yellow Trace, Little Green Notebook.


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Let us know your thoughts!

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