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March Faves

Apr 5, 2018

March Faves

Hey guys! Can you believe another month has slipped by?

In between renovating, reading 790370 books about pregnancy and motherhood and spending hours trying to find outfits that work for this new body… the month has flown! Once again I’m excited to share with you the things I discovered and loved this month.

March Faves


Pregnancy dressing was really hard to start with, but I’m getting the hang of it yay! Although every day is a new challenge… Particularly in the bra department.

I’ve been all about a pretty leather woven heel after I got a vintage pair at a market, but have also been eyeing off these white ones and these pretty flats.

Discovered this gorgeous dress brand Little Tienda, and currently wearing this jumpsuit on repeat. I know so many of you warned against them during pregnancy but I have to say I’m a fan… So sue me 🙂

Grana added a gorgeous pair of flat fronted silk shorts to their collection and I snapped up a pair!


When clothing options are feeling a little out of control, it seems I turn to beauty. This month has been about trying new things that I’ve had on my mind for ages but haven’t gotten around to.

I finally bought a body brush in an attempt to curb pregnancy cellulite… Not sure if it works but this girl will try anything, it feels good either way.

I’ve also just bought a jade roller which I am so in love with – I love to use it on the plane.

And I finally got my hands on a natural deodorant that seems to work. I’ll report back in a few months on how it’s going!


You guys gave me sooooo many great ideas for DIYs for my pregnancy clothes. And some practical advice about how much you need to pee when you’re up the duff (don’t I know it!). I’ve been making a few styles and I can’t wait to share with you.

This month we also made crochet raffia, a gorgeous linen wrap top and held a gorgeous floral balloon workshop. February was short but sweet.


I’m all about healthy eating, but really like to keep it real when it comes to nutrition. Which is why I LOVED this article, a no BS approach to eating right. Basically, eat more veggies and you don’t need any of the expensive/trendy stuff. Even though I do love to try new things!

I shared all the books I’ve read in the last 12 months, and in case you’re interested I’m currently reading this Joyce Carol Oates book (I’m a big fan of short stories).


Whoa! The house ie coming along quickly. We had ourselves on a pretty tight schedule for the renovation, around 3 months, and it’s happening so so fast. It’s hard to keep up! In March you guys helped us choose the colour palette (soooooo many amazing comments here and I feel like you all know me so well!), I talked about design ideas for the least thought about (but one of the most important) spaces in the house, we shared some scary pics of demolition day, and also the full plans for the house. Whew!

I’m a ceramics addict and recently spent more than I care to admit on cups and jugs from Yucca Stone Ceramics. Gah want everything!

When you’re renovating actual original art takes a back seat, but I’ve discovered sooo many amazing prints online. This artist does such cool spaces that make me wanna travel!


Zika has put a bit of a dampener on our travel plans for the year, it seems there’s only a few destinations that you can travel to when you’re pregnant these days. Instead, I’m saving up a huge folder of places we’re going once the bub is born…

This cafe looks like my kinda place.

As you guys know India is at the top of my bucket list, and Vanessa’s recent trip there had me living vicariously for curry all day every day. This incredible washing station at an orphanage (!) sums up my love of the beauty and inventiveness of this country.

Images from Hey Davina Instagram, The Haute Pursuit, Remodelista, The Jungalow, Boutierre Girls.

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