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Second Trimester Outfits (For Those of You Who Aren't Into Maternity Clothes)

Style Apr 19, 2018

Second Trimester Outfits

Hey guys! A lot of you have been emailing and sending DMs, asking me for outfit ideas for pregnancy. And I’m more than happy to share a few with you.

Up to this point (just hit the third trimester!) I’ve kind of shied away from maternity clothing, as many of you have said, often they lack style or feminity and are just so far away from what you might usually wear. I mean, we all feel different enough during this time, throwing on something you would never usually wear only makes that worse… Right?

So, as I might have mentioned before, my strategy has been to choose styles I would usually wear, but instead, size up or choose pieces that are naturally roomy. The second trimester is a strange phase where you’re bigger but without a very noticeable bump (it’s an is she or isn’t she situation), so up until this point I haven’t been going for too many bodycon styles, but I’m sure that will come soon! Here are a few second trimester outfits that I’ve been wearing on repeat these last few months.

Second Trimester Outfits

The Linen Dress

You guys know how much I love linen, and that hasn’t changed since I’ve updated my womb occupancy status. In fact it’s probably just become worse. I’ve picked up a few linen dresses, with the best one being this gorgeous style that’s a little oversized and also has a shirred elasticated back, meaning there’s lots of give.

The Off The Shoulder Number

Off the shoulder won’t quit guys, and I’ve found that even more so since I’ve been up the duff. Turns out that the shoulder styles (like this one) have the functionality of a muu muu but with a little more elegance. I like to add a belt to sinch things in – hoping to answer the question of ‘is she pregnant or just ate too much?’ before people can ask it themselves.

A Cosy Cardigan

In my first trimester I found myself constantly hot, but since then my temperature has levelled out, and throwing on a cosy cardigan (like this one) when I’ve been in Australia and the weather has become a little cold has been so nice. Usually, it’s over a summer dress because we’re not in full winter mode yet!

A Simple Pair of Flats

Flats. Is there any other option when you’re pregnant? I think not. For the last few years I’ve consistently worn simple tan flats, and these ones have been on my roster for a while. I love them!

Outfit 1: Off the Shoulder Dress, Tan PumpsOutfit 2: Linen Dress, Belted Cardigan, Tan Pumps.

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