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May Faves

May 25, 2018

Hi guys! I know the month of May isn’t quite finished yet, but I’ve just stumbled on so many great inspiration and discoveries this month that I couldn’t help but share early.

I have to admit that May has absolutely flown by, in a complete blur in fact! This week will mark my 34th week of being pregnant, and lets just say that things are starting to feel very, very real! We’re in full planning mode and I’m currently knee (or perhaps neck) deep in planning the content for while I take a bit of a breather when the baby is born. I love planning content and so find this process really enjoyable… BUT it’s a lot of work!

May Faves


Being pregnant brings to mind the adage ‘water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink’ when it comes to fashion. I have seen sooooo many gorgeous items recently that I would either make or buy, but due to the basketball I’m smuggling they aren’t going to work. A girl can dream! This amazing dress (pricey but so so amazing – perhaps for some very special event?). These trousers (never thought I would get into this shape but I totally am).

For the first time in a few years I didn’t go to Australian Fashion Week, which was a bit sad, but no one wants the person sitting next to them ruining their Balenciaga heels when their water breaks! That said, it was such fun watching so many amazing stories, and I think as usual there were some stunning shows. The Emilia Wickstead show by the water is hands down one of the best sets and styling I’ve seen in a while!

In case you’re interested, The Simple Sandal in nude is back in stock! Get em while you can.

Where can I buy this hat?!


I’m still loving everything organic from John Masters, have been literally going through their products at an astounding rate – the body scrub and shampoo and conditioner are faves.

Anyone else ALWAYS on the lookout for a natural deodorant? I liked this road test.

Sidebar: I would usually not be into a royal wedding, but for some reason, I was hanging out to see THE DRESS (Verdict? Pretty, whilst also being a little underwhelming, although I sort of feel like that was the point). But other than that, I loved how little makeup Meghan wore! As a firm believer in letting your skin shine through, it was refreshing to see not a contour/baking or overdone face in sight. Thoughts?


Once again another crafty month has gone by, although I’ve been working on a lot of crafts for the nursery that I haven’t yet shared. Coming soon! In the meantime, make this easy fabric covered stool, this strappy rompe and  this shirred dress.

Love @georgeeats on Instagram, and her website has lots of yummy recipes!


I’m just finishing up the editing of the progress video for the house, we’re so close to revealing the before and after and I couldn’t be more excited! In case you were wondering, it was all planned so that we wouldn’t have to work on it during the new baby phase, and it’s worked out. So I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you!

So into hints of rattan against an industrial backdrop – this chair is perfect.

LOVE these ribbed drinking glasses!


I was blown away this week by Mr Cook The Florist’s incredible arrangements in bins around Sydney. He has been taking ex-event flowers that are bound for the bin and turning  them into something beautiful. What an amazing idea!

Bigger is better, right? I would travel across the planet for a bunch of flowers this big!

I wanna go here (and make some things).


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Let us know your thoughts!

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