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DIY Tassel Skirt

Sewing Jun 8, 2018

DIY Tassel Skirt

There’s nothing like a tassel trim to say ‘hey girl, let’s go on holidays’.

And even if you’re not bound for some tropical destination, you may as well dress like it, right? This simple tassel skirt is sooooo (and sewwwww) easy to make. You’ll probably want to tassel everything. Oh and obviously, I made this skirt a little while ago, prior to the bump being that big. I’m looking forward to (maybe) getting back into it soon!

In case you’re interested, the nude simple sandals are back in stock! Grab yourself a pair before they sell out.

DIY Tassel Skirt

For this DIY, you can add tassels to a skirt you already own to spice it up a little, or make one from scratch like we did here. The pattern we used is fairly simple, it’s an A-line skirt that we’ve made before.


I didn't want the ribbon part of the trim to be visible, so I pinned the tassel trim (facing the top of the skirt) to the seam allowance of the skirt hem, on the right side of the fabric.

If you're using a pre-made skirt, you'll have to undo the hemming of the skirt first.


Sew the trim to the skirt.


Flip the seam allowance back to the inside of the skirt, and iron it closed with fusing tape.


After hemming the skirt, this is what the tassel trim should look like from the outside.

And simple as that, you now have a new skirt to wear!



Let us know your thoughts!

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