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DIY Macramé Deck Chair

Home DIY Jul 11, 2018

DIY Macramé Deck Chair

Helllooooo from macrame-ville. Population us.

It’s so great to see how into macrame you guys are, because honestly, we love it too. This chair is one of the bigger projects I’ve had in my mind for a while, and it was amazing to see it come together. If you’re new to macrame, a while ago we shared a full guide to all the basic macrame knots you’ll ever need here. You should refer to that guide when making your chair!

DIY Macramé Deck Chair

For this macrame project, we used 65 metres worth of rope. But it’s always safer to buy a little extra rather than not have enough rope when you’re halfway through knotting. We also purchased a deck chair where the canvas seating can be removed, where the slot design on the two ends of the chair are perfect for securing the macrame netting.


Remove the fabric from the deck chair. Then fold each 3 metre piece of rope in half and tie them as reverse larkheads knots on the top of the chair. Repeat these 20 times along the piece of wood.


We're going to do a triangular design made out of half knots for the beginning of the netting. The number of knots are in this order: 3-6-9-12-15-15-12-9-6-3 



Begin tying square knots for the remainder of the netting. We spaced the knots 1.5'' apart between each row. 



We also looped the sides of the netting around the sides of the chair for a more secure seating.


Once you've finished knotting the netting,tuck the loose ends into the slot of the lower part of the deck chair.Note that it's better for the netting to be taut rather than loose,or you'll find yourself sitting very close to the ground with a loose netting!


Tie the loose ends of the ropes into overhand knots on the underside of the slot. The knots will help secure the netting so that it won't slip once you sit in it.


Loving macramé? You’re going to love these DIY’s too: Macramé Chandelier | Macramé Rope Bag | Macramé Plant Hangers 


Let us know your thoughts!

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