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Make this DIY Lumbar Pillow!

Home DIY Jul 18, 2018

DIY Lumbar Pillow

Wow. Since going through pregnancy I have to say my appreciation of pillows has grown to epic proportions. And now that I’m breastfeeding (aka locked to the sofa) pillows and cushions are life. Seriously.

A few of my friends suggested fancy pillows to aid in that elusive pregnancy sleep, but in the end I decided to save my pennies and make a simple lumbar pillow myself. I ended up using it every night. So before you splurge on a strange looking maternity pillow, try this out instead!

DIY Lumbar Pillow

Just as a reference the fabric we used was 50” (127cm) wide and 15” (38cm) long. We used canvas fabric for the backing.


The woven fabric was already cut to this size when we bought it, so we only cut the canvas backing to the same size.


Pin the right sides of your fabric together around three sides, leaving one side open for the step of stuffing the pillow.


Snip off the corners after sewing, this will result in a sharper corner when you flip them out.


Flip the cushion right-side-out, and fill it with your cushion stuffing.


Flip the seams of the remaining side into the pillow, and close it by hand-sewing an invisible stitch.

Looking for some extra comfort to add to your space? Here are a few more DIY’s that might interest you! DIY Throw Cushion | DIY Velvet Cushion | DIY Leather Cushion

You can make this pillow in any fabric you like, meaning it’s perfect for matching to your decor, whilst also being a lifesaver for your back and hips. Enjoy!

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