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A Guide to Propagating Succulents

Plants Aug 10, 2018

Propagating Succulents

You love your little succulents, don’t you? But did you know you can make more of these gorgeous little plants yourself?

Propagating succulents is something that gardeners have been doing for hundreds (nay… millions!) of years. And you can totally do it too. It’s basically a process of turning your succulents into many many more. Read on to see how!

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How to Propagate Succulents

1. Pluck The Leaves From The Stem

Start plucking from the bottom and move upwards. Gently twist the entire leaf off from the base, making sure that it is removed close to the stem.

2. Cut Off the Top of the Succulent

The top piece can also be replanted, and it will grow into a new plant.

3. Lay the Leaves Out to Dry

Allow the leaves to dry for between three days to a week. This varies based on how warm or light it is. A crust will form on the cut sections of the leaves, which will allow them to start to regrow.

4. Place the Leaves on Soil

When placing the leaves, make sure that they are delicately positioned on top of the soil, keeping an eye that the base of the leave does not have contact with the soil. Watering is essential at this stage to avoid the soil from drying out. A spray bottle can be useful.

5. Let the Cuttings Grow

The cuttings will soon develop roots and you will be able to see new leaves sprouting!  And like all things good happen with time (and patience), this is a process that will take 1-2 months.

6. Repot the New Succulents

The original leaf will eventually wither and fall off. You can then plant the new succulents into a fresh pot.

7. Keep the Top Cutting

Repot the top cutting of the old succulent and water it. It will eventually develop roots and grow. As it slowly grows, make sure to keep the roots well covered with soil to avoid drying out.

8. Growing the Original Succulent

Consistently water the stem of the old succulent as new leaves will spring from it soon.

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