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DIY Ruffle Hem Wrap Dress

Sewing Sep 16, 2018

DIY Ruffle Hem Wrap Dress

Hey guys! Anyone else wholly feeling the wrap style? I have to say I am.

I’ve been meaning to experiment with this style for a looooong time, and have been wanting to share with you how to make your own. As you know, a little ruffle and a little mustard is totally my jam, so I thought why not combine the two? Read on for the tutorial.

DIY Ruffle Hem Wrap Dress

This project is actually one from my addiction to mustard linen while I was pregnant – I wanted to share with you the wrap style in time for breastfeeding dressing. It’s the perfect piece!

Begin by drafting the bodice part for your wrap dress. Copy the bodice pattern from an existing shirt you own, and extend 13cm (5”) from the centre front to create the overlapping front. You don’t have to make any alterations to the back bodice piece. Simply copy the back bodice pattern, and mirror it down the back centre seam when you cut from fabric so you’ll have a seamless back bodice panel. Using the formula listed above, find your waist radius and draft your half circle skirt pattern.

We’ll be drafting full circles to create the flounce ruffles for the shoulders and the bodice front, with a formula that’s slightly different compared to drafting the half circle for the skirt. Refer to the formula listed in the image and draft your flounce circles. By placing the inner circle in different spots, you’ll create different kinds of ruffles. With a centered inner circle, the flounce will have a regular length throughout. But by placing it slightly off to one side, you’ll end up with a flounce that has shorted lengths at the start and finish ,but a longer length in the middle. The ruffle is fairly straightforward, just a rectangular piece with a width that’s at least 1.5 times the hem of the half circle skirt.


Begin by tracing all the patterns onto your fabric. Then leave seam allowance and cut.


Begin by sewing the front and back bodices together first, before attaching the circular skirt to the waistline.


Trim the hem of the skirt to a curve.


An easy way to hem curved edges, is to sew a straight stitch along the curve first before folding it along the stitches. Use either fusing tape or a straight stitch to secure the folded seams, before trimming it with scissors.


When cutting circular pieces, to save time and effort in cutting, you can divide a full circle into a quarter-circle piece, fold your fabric twice and place the patterns on the folds. Cut around that, and you will end up with a fully circular piece.


Cut open the circular piece for the bodice flounce.


Then attach it to the edge on the outer layer bodice piece using the inner edge of the circular piece. Top-stitch near the fold to stop the flounce from flipping back towards the middle of the dress.


For the shoulder flounce, we'll place the centre circle off to one side, and you'll end up with a flounce that's longest in the middle and shorter on the either side. To cut this flounce open, cut it open at the shorter side.


This is what the shoulder flounce looks like after sewing it to the top of the armhole.


Gather the rectangular ruffle piece, and sew it to the hem of the dress.


Sew two matching tie straps by sewing down one short edge and the long edge of the strap piece, then flip the strap right-side out before closing off the remaining short edge with by hand stitching.


The shorter tie strap needs to then be sewn into the side seam at the waistline, and the longer strap sewn to the corner of the outer layer bodice piece. The longer strap will go around the waistline once before being tied with the strap at the side.


Liked this post? Here are a few more DIY’s embracing the ruffle! Hem Wrap Skirt | Ruffle Wrap Skirt | Shift Dress to a Ruffle Shoulder Dress


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